What will the course be like?

The Battle Ram will be conducted in a large clearing, away from the hustle-bustle of the city, and close to nature. This means that you can expect an uneven, challenging  20 military-style obstacles, with mud trenches, nets, plastic pipes big enough to crawl into, ropes, water troughs and more. Drinking water will be provided along the course along with provisions to clean-up or hose down when you are done.

What can I expect during the run?

A whole lotta  fun!  You can expect a rush of adrenaline during the course. You will also make new friends as you bond with your fellow participants. Don’t be afraid to get muddy and dirty. Winning is not so important – having fun and being safe is! We will hand out water to runners at designated water zones. There will also be volunteers all along the course to guide you and offer tips while you are making your way across obstacles and help you if you run into trouble.

Can I just come along to watch and let my hair down at the after-party, because I am not sure if I am up to participating in the actual obstacle race, just yet.

Yes, the more the merrier. If you are curious about what an obstacle race looks and feels like but are not sure about signing up just now, or if you just want to come along and cheer your friends and family from the sidelines – you are welcome to come and be part of the fun on race day.

What if it rains or if bad weather prevents The Battle Ram from happening?

The organizers of Battle Ram put your safety before anything else. If there is extremely bad weather – say torrential rain and flooding we will proactively contact all participants who have registered for the event and let them know if we are postponing or cancelling the event. However, if it just a spell of rain or an unseasonably hot day, Battle Ram will happen as scheduled, because we’re not gonna let a little bit of sun and sprinkle ruin our fun, are we?


What does my entry fee include?

Your entry will fee gives you bragging rights for life and an insane number of likes on your Facebook and Instagram profiles! On a serious note though, your entry fee entitles you to a one-time pass so you can have a go at all 20 of The Battle Ram obstacles along our 5 km course. All participants also get free pictures, a cool Battle Ram T Shirt, A Battle Ram Finisher Medal and a refreshing, cool, complimentary beer/drink at the finish line. You can raise a toast to your success at the after-party, that begins once the event is over.

Are there any discounts if I register for Battle Ram way in advance, or if I register as a large group?

Of course you do. The more, the merrier, remember! We offer early bird discounts as well! Please check the event page for more details. Also write to us at [email protected] for  more details on discounted ticket prices for large groups. We are currently offering a 20% discount on groups of more than 10 persons.

I have finished registering for the first edition of The Battle Ram, what’s next?

Congratulations! If you want to improve your chances of clearing all the obstacles on the 5 kilometer course in record time, we suggest you start training and working towards improving your fitness! Do keep an eye on our Facebook page for tips and tricks. Also, keep checking back by visiting the event page. We will keep updating the page with important information. Get more info about how you can reach the event location, where you can pick up your registration package and get your bib for race-day, parking etc.

Do you accept spot-registrations on the day of the event?

Yes, you are welcome to come and register on the spot, on event day, if we are not filled-up already.

I signed up for the event, but I won’t be in town – can I transfer my bib number to my friend?

No, sorry. For safety reasons, your running bib number and entry is not transferable to any other person under any circumstances. Runners sporting somebody else’s bib number will be disqualified from the run immediately.

Should I be concerned about my safety during the obstacle race?

Our obstacles are designed to push you out of your comfort zone, and test both your physical and mental prowess. Although we require every participant to sign a waiver so they fully understand the slight risk that comes with participating in any challenging event, such as The Battle Ram, rest assured that our obstacles have been designed by experts who take your safety very seriously.

We have taken adequate precautions, and on race-day, paramedics and other emergency-response personnel will be present on-site in case of any casualties so they can offer prompt assistance to any participant who is injured and feeling less than a 100%.

Can I skip obstacles?

Absolutely. The Battle Ram is a battle with your most worthy opponent- yourself. So if you ever feel even a niggle of doubt about not being able to complete a particular obstacle – pay heed to what your body and mind is telling you and skip the obstacle by all means. There is no penalty, or need to feel less about yourself if you don’t feel like you can take on and successfully clear a given obstacle. Your safety is paramount, so if you are not an ace swimmer, if you are afraid heights, if you are too tired, or if you feel you cannot make the run through flames – by all means, go around the obstacle and go on the attempt the challenges you are confident about.


What clothes should I wear during the run?

Dress in lightweight, fitted clothes – just like you would to go to the gym. Wear normal running shoes or trail running shoes if you have them. Wear a waterproof, sturdy watch if you want to keep an eye on the time. You should also bring a plastic bag or bag to carry your muddy, dirty clothes in. Bring a towel to dry off after you hose down, a fresh set of clothes and footwear you can change into, after the event is over. Please leave your mobile, money and other valuables and electronics behind before you start the race.

Is there a bag check/storage area at the race venue?

Yes, we will have facilities to store some items in a locker/bag check outside, but please do not carry anything valuable to the race – leave jewellery, laptops, large amounts of cash and other expensive items behind.

Will there be showers?

All participants will have the opportunity to hose down after finishing the course. We will also provide a changing area for participants.

Will there be a provision for parking?

Yes, we will be taking care of parking!

What do I do when I get there?

i. If you already have your bib – clear security and get started

ii. If you don’t have your bib number- present an ID Proof – such as DL, Voters ID or Pan Card. Fill up the waiver form and collect your bib number from the registration tent, before you begin. Please show up well in time to complete registration formalities before the race begins.

Are there water stations on the course?

Yes, there’ll be 3-5 water stations along the course to keep you fuelled and going. Please bring snacks, like apples or dry fruits, if you feel like you need to fuel up after the race is done.

How long does it take approximately to complete a run?

Depending on how fit you are and how hard you push yourself, you should be able to complete Battle Ram in about 1 – 2 hrs, tops.

Are groups required to finish together?

Group members are not required to finish the course together. Every individual can finish the race at their own pace.

What happens after I finish the run?

You can collect your finisher medal and pose for some snazzy pictures with fellow runners, your family and friends on stage. You can then clean up a little and get all the mud off of you and change into fresh clothes for the post-run celebrations.

All the runners will be given a pint of beer or an energy drink (if you do not consume alcohol or are underage) once you change and reach the after-party area, feel free to go wild! We have a DJ playing and plenty of refreshments (both alcoholic and otherwise), as well as your favorite Bangalorean Food Trucks on site. Awesome, right?

What are these ‘Wave Timings’ on my ticket?

To prevent congestion of the course, we allow only a limited number of participants to run at a time. Each ‘wave’ is a slot which will comprise a maximum of 200 people that set off from the start-line. You can opt for any wave that you are comfortable with between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.